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I missed the first part, but this is how Hayley introduced Last Hope at last night’s show. Really great advice and introduction of the song.

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—Hello Cold World


I feel happy, I feel sad, I feel like running through the wall

I’m overjoyed, I’m undecided, I don’t know who I am

Well maybe I’m not perfect, at least I’m working on it

22 is like the worst idea that I’ve ever had

It’s too much pain, it’s too much freedom, what should I do with this?

It’s not the way you plan it, it’s how you make it happen

Yeah it’s how you make it happen.

It’s such a cold world, cold world (hello cold world)

And I can’t get out, so I’ll just make the best with everything I’ll never have

It’s such a cold world, cold world (hello cold world)

And it’s got me down, but I’ll get right back up, as long as it spins around

Hello cold world.

PJO in Mean Girls (in no particular order)

  • Leo: Get in the Argo II loser we're going shopping
  • ***
  • Chiron: who here has been personally victimized by Leo Valdez?
  • Frank: *raises hand*
  • ***
  • Jason: i mean, i can't help it that i'm popular!
  • Piper: *only one to catch jason*
  • ***
  • Percy: its like i have ESPN or something!
  • ***
  • Piper: so...if you're from Athena....why do you have brown hair?
  • Movie Annabeth: ....
  • Hazel: ohmygods Piper, you can't just ask people why they have brown hair!
  • ***
  • Piper: omg Reyna, tell Jason his hair looks sexy pushed back
  • ***
  • Octavian: YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!
  • ***
  • Drew: on wednesdays we wear pink!
  • ***
  • ***
  • Nico: i wish we could all just get along like we used to in middle school and eat mcdonalds and be happy
  • Camp Jupiter: HE DOESNT EVEN GO HERE!
  • ***
  • Zeus: four life ending quests for you, Percy Jackson. You go Percy Jackson!
  • ***
  • Luke: why should zeus just get to stomp around like a giant while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet? What's so great about Zeus? Hermes is just as cute as Zeus, right? Hermes is just as smart as Zeus, people totally like Hermes just as much as Zeus, and when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody because that's not what Olympus is about! We should totally just DE-THRONE ZEUS!
  • Thalia: Luke Castellan had cracked
  • ***
  • Piper: is ambrosia a carb?
  • ***
  • Luke: oh my gods, i love your armour! Where did you get it?
  • Annabeth: it was my mom's back in the golden age
  • Luke: vintage, so adorable
  • Annabeth: thanks!
  • Luke: that is the ugliest f**ing breastplate i've ever seen
  • ***
  • Percy: Annabeth do i even begin to describe Annabeth Chase?
  • Nico: Annabeth Chase is flawless
  • Leo: she has two gold dagers and a hero boyfriend
  • Hazel: i hear her brain is ensured for $10,000
  • Reyna: i hear she does chariot Japan
  • Arachne: one time she sent me back to was AWESOME
  • ***
  • Percy: *about poseidon* that's why his beard is so big...its full of secrets
  • ***
  • Connor: pranked the aphrodite cabin?
  • Travis: oh my gods that was ONE TIME!
  • ***
  • Jason: wow, nico. you have truly out-gayed yourself
  • ***
  • Rachel: you want to do something fun? You wanna go to Monster Donut?
  • Percy: I CAN'T GO TO MONSTER DONUT, IM ON AN ALL-CARB DIET. god, rachel, you're SO STUPID!
  • ***
  • Drew: sorry Piper, we don't have your size. You should try tartarus
  • ***
  • Hazel: irregardless, ex-praetors are just off limits to friends. i mean, thats just, like, the rule of feminism!
  • ***
  • Nico: the weird thing about Percy is that i could hate him, but at the same time, i still wanted him to like me.
  • ***
  • Grover: my uncle takes his human disguise off when he's drunk
  • Chiron: your uncle and i have that in common
  • ***
  • Rachel: i gave Percy everything. i was half a virgin when i met him
  • ***
  • Poseidon: i'm not a regular god, im a COOL god. Am i right, Percy?
  • Percy: please stop talking
  • ***
  • Percy: you know what everybody says about you behind your back? They say you're a roman jungle freak who's just a less hot version of me!
  • Jason: ...
  • ***
  • Annabeth: *escorting TLH trio around CHB* watch out, fresh meat comin' through!
  • ***
  • Grover: where you sit in the dining hall is crucial because you got everybody there. You got your undetermineds, hero guys, gardners, apollo jocks, athena nerds, cool hermes kids, unfriendly aphrodite hotties, kids who eat their feelings, big three wannabees
  • Annabeth: the greatest people you will ever meet....and the worst
  • Grover: beware of the romans
  • ***
  • Jason: i think i'm gonna join Camp Half Blood
  • Dakota: NO NO NO!
  • Reyna: you cannot do that, it's social suicide! Damn youre so lucky you have us to guide you!
  • ***
  • Luke: and that little one? that's Percy Jackson. He's totally rick because his dad invented the chariot
  • ***
  • Frank: that's so fetch!
  • *frank turns into a dog and literally fetches*
  • ***
  • Nico: you know who's looking fine tonight? Perseus Jackson
  • Hazel: okay, you did not just say that
  • Nico: what? he's a good kisser
  • Hazel: he's your cousin!
  • Every God: well, you have your cousins, then you have your FIRST cousins

"Do you ever feel your father abandoned you, Percy?”
Oh, man.
I wanted to say, “Only a few hundred times a day.

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